Professional Team

Octavian Vidu

We offer an extensive range of M&A and financial consulting services for SMEs.

Our experience covers CEE countries,’ principal having worked in Private Equity Investments for about 20 years.

We will make sure that you will reach your objectives whether your goal is market consolidation, vertical integration, acquisition of assets, founder succession to the management team or trade sale. It does not matter if the founders will remain in the company or not, their interest will be guarded, and value preserved and enhanced.

  • Valuation Services
  • M&A Advisory
  • Financial and Tax Due Dilligence
  • Valuation Services
  • Integration Services
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Restructuring and Turnaround


Business Consulting

M&A is the first step on the way to the market consolidation, product diversification, or pure expansion.

The integration follows the cquisition and could make or break the business. A solid management team is what the buyers should have in mind when engaging in business expansion via M&A.

We work with the finest head hunters in the region. Whether you’re looking for an executive, or a board member we can help.

Real Estate

Through our network of contacts in the Romanian Real Estate market we can source the estate for your development, expansion, growth and yield investment.

There is in house expertise to qualify the real estate for development, set up the parameters, and complete the transaction for any investor in this sector.

Industrial, Agri and Logistic;

Residential (Ready-to-Build);

Solar PV (Ready-to_build)

Office Buildings;

Land for Development (buildings or renewables);

M&A Advisory

+20 Years of experience

We have +20 years in private equity, having worked as investment professionals with PE funds and funds advisors.

+EUR100M investments

Between 2014 si 2023 BWC was the main consulting provider in Romania to a 1.2 billion cap PE fund.

+500 businesses

BWC visited, assesed and proposed for investment over 500 companies in Romania.

Value Creation

At we create value for our customers.

On the buy-side. We will pursue the M&A process with the goal of creating value for the acquiring company and its shareholders in mind. We have design our services to address the need of growth and development for SMEs, family businesses, or simply for VC or PE funds.

On the sale-side. The sale of one’s business can be justified by a serie of reasons: management succession, becoming serial entreprenur – sell today and start something else at a different scale tomorrow, retirement plan, and so on. We are here to assist you in extracting the most value from the company and the best price.

Synergies are one of the most common ways to create value through M&A. Synergies generally refer to the benefits that arise from the combination of two companies, such as cost savings, revenue growth, and increased market share.

Diversification: M&A can be a way to diversify a company’s product or service offerings, customer base, and geographic footprint. This can reduce risk and increase growth opportunities.

Access to new markets: M&A can provide access to new geographic or customer markets that may be difficult or costly to enter through organic growth.

Increased scale and efficiency: M&A can lead to economies of scale and increased efficiency by combining resources, eliminating redundancies, and streamlining operations.

Strategic positioning: M&A can help a company position itself strategically in its industry or market, by acquiring key technologies, intellectual property, or talent.

Financial engineering: M&A can be used to create financial value through activities such as debt restructuring, share buybacks, and tax optimization.

We have what it takes to help your company to achieve the proposed growth goals, whether is through acqusitions, mergers, project finance, debt and capital raising!